Calico Critters Triple Baby Bunk Beds

Description Calico babies love their cozy beds! The Calico Critters Triple Baby Bunk Beds can be positioned in 3 fun ways. You can stack them like bunk beds, arrange them like a pyramid, or simply use them as 3 separate beds. They come complete with mattresses, pillows, blankets and 2 climbing ladders.Welcome to the cute and cuddly world of Calico Critters of Cloverleaf Corners! Calico Critters are designed with remarkable attention to detail, these adorable miniature animals live in precious homes decorated with life-like furniture and accessories. Each Calico Critter family plays a different role in the community, and they all reside in Cloverleaf Corners - a happy and peaceful place, surrounded by beautiful nature. Calico Critters are wholesome and realistic. Built around the traditional values of family, friends and community, they encourage little girls to use imagination and share their own experiences as they play. Calico Critters are a great collectible for fans of all ages!